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Hey there, I’m Nick Sasaki. I joined ASM last year and I’ve been very fortunate enough to currently be making over six figures online and I’m very excited to share my ASM secrets with you.

Here Are Your Amazing Selling Machine Bonuses!

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #1: Amazing Profit Targeter

Amazing Profit TargeterBelieve me when I say ASM is the best Amazon training course available, I really mean that.  I have introduced it to my personal friends and family members.

After doing ASM for 6 months though, I have one issue. There are only 100 top sellers, and thousands of members are trying to find the best products using exactly the same method - the 3 criteria that Matt talks about.

Now how can we compete with everybody?

That’s when I decided to create the Amazing Profit Targeter.  While everybody is trying to find the top 100 top sellers, you can now bypass the intense competition and have an ability to look beyond the top 100.

You can still make a 6 figure income with those products in a less competitive niche. A must-have software for all new smart ASM members.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #2 Complete Supplement Business In A Box Package

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus PackagesI’ve been in the supplement business since 1999, and I’ve been selling millions of dollars worth of vitamins every year in both retail and online.  I’ve seen it all.  I went to all the trade shows, and I am a proud member of the Natural Product Association. We normally know exactly what’s going to be popular even before Dr. Oz or Women’s Magazine talk about it.

I’m aware that some affiliates who make only 100k are offering the bonus course too, but my knowledge & experience are totally on a different level, and I can offer you much better training for those who are interested in the supplement niche.

In this training  course, you’ll learn:

1. How to spot products that will be popular this year.

2. Where to contact people who make the supplements everybody is looking for.

3. What are the best formulas for such supplements.

4. How to find the exact keywords you want to target.  Sometimes people are selling the exact same thing, but others are making much more sales because the keywords they’re targeting are different.

5. Much more…

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Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #3 Option A – Your Own Super VA Hero!

What is a VA, you ask?  A Virtual Assistant: your new best friend.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus - Virtural AssistantI have an incredible bonus for you.  You will get your personal VA to do all the technical jobs for you for ONE WHOLE MONTH!

You really want to start your Amazing Selling Machine business but you’re not too confident about the technical stuff?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  You’re not the only one.  Even Jason and Matt weren’t too tech-savvy when they started.

There’s a grandmother in the ASM community that we call the “Amazon Grandma” who was struggling with all of the technical stuff.  Then one day she found a VA from the Philippines and completely turned her business around.

  • Need them to do product research? Got it!
  • Need them to do promotion for your Amazon website? Got it!
  • Need them to write an article, or press release?  Got it!
  • Need them to do SEO projects? Got it!

Now imagine this:  They do EVERYTHING from using Amazing Selling Machine’s proprietary software to creating simple graphics, all while you enjoy your day at the beach, if you so desire.  All you have to do is manage the project.

We have handpicked your VA who can do wonderful jobs for you. This can free up your time and you can focus on what’s more important.

Also you no longer need to go through the headache of setting up everything yourself.  Not that these $170k ASM tools are too complicated, but if you haven’t done anything like this before, it can be a real challenge for you.  (This bonus is available after all payments are completed.  You don’t need any extra promotions until the seventh week with Module 7.)

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #3 Option B – iPad Mini

Amazing Selling Machine BonusI watched all of my ASM videos on an iPad.  Sometimes it’s great to relax and watch the video many times over and you’ll get great inspiration for your exciting new business.

Bring this everywhere.  You can also download a ton of GREAT software for FREE to connect with your friends, suppliers or people who you outsourced.  I LOVE connecting with our incredible ASM Facebook group members, they’re the source of inspiration!  If you have some burning questions that you just can’t figure out, it’s only an iPad away to get an answer from ASM Facebook group.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #4 – Done For You SEO Website 

seo websiteI will create PR3-PR5 WordPress website that boost your Amazon page ranking.  I will help you target the exact keywords you want to use to dominate in Google.  I have worked with many clients to achieve #1 in Google.  You will get this service FREE of charge when you purchase Amazing Selling Machine from my affiliate link.


Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #5 – Amazon Automatic Review Secrets

amazon automatic review secretsWhy is learning about Amazon reviews important?  It’s because getting a 5-star review is the key to your success with Amazon products.

I learned this from one of the top ASM members who is doing 250k a month.  He uses this service to automatically get you 5 stars. I hadn’t heard of the service that he uses before, but when I started using this service, I started to get 5 star reviews automatically too.

This service actually can sync with ASM’s own email tool so you can set up auto-responder sequences.

This means you can automatically send the delayed messages.  It will automatically send customer purchase emails right afterwards, on the 2nd day, on the 5th day and so on.  You’ll get the whole email sequence for you to get 5 star reviews.

This bonus can help you make your sales with ease.  The more sales you have, the higher your ranking’s going to be, and when you achieve your high ranking, you will get more sales automatically.

If you’re not set up for the email sequences, you end up getting less reviews, no ranking and no sales.  It is very crucial.

Also, this is a biggie. You need to find out exactly what to do when you receive a one-star review. With this bonus information,  you also get information about how to contact the customer in a way where they will happily change their review from 1 star to 5 stars, TADA!

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #6 – Product Sourcing Secrets

www.amazingsellingmachinesreview.comAgain, I already did all the “homework” and “legwork” for you. That’s because I was there when Matt Clark revealed his step-by-step procedure for inventory start-up with less than $100 to invest. There’s one industry, in fact, that’s perfect for the ASM type of sales strategy.

And I happen to personally know one of the top industry leaders. When you get MY special Bonus report, I’ll actually GIVE YOU the name and phone number so you can contact them right away. You won’t get this anywhere else.

 Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #7 -  “ASM” On-The-Go!

ASM On The Go

You’re busy. I’m busy. We’re all busy. Just taking the kids to school or soccer practice is a full-time job! Oftentimes, it means you’re away from your money-making computer—and you miss opportunities to make extra money. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve created a special Bonus—available only from me—that enables you to conduct your ASM business wherever and whenever you want. This Bonus helps keep you focused, productive, and MAKING MONEY every moment of the day. You don’t want to be without it.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #8 – “Killer” Product Descriptions That Sell, Sell, SELL!


Do you know what the TOP marketers do? They hire TOP COPYWRITERS to write all their product descriptions! Writers who know how to SELL, not just “tell”… And luckily, I have a world-class writer on call whenever I need him. This guy’s written descriptions practically make people line up and BEG YOU to take their money! His copy is known to SELL OUT his clients’ inventory!So if you don’t mind having more sales than you can even keep up with, use my talented, experienced ad copywriter. And guess what? His first ‘gig’ for you is FREE as part of my collection of valuable Bonuses!

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #9 - Professional Product Image Done For You

Product ImagesImage is everything. And a picture is worth a thousand words. Those are the two reasons why you should always have a professional-looking IMAGE of your product—so that people can SEE it and become “comfortable” with it before they order.

I happen to have a superb graphic designer on my team. This guy can make anything look great. He can even do 3-D modeling that make your images look like you spent a million dollars on them.

But for you? Nada. The first time you use him, it’s FREE to you as part of this Bonus.  

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #10 – Press Release Done For You

Press ReleaseOne of the keys to success with ASM is to get your name known by the mass media, and the mass markets they reach. That’s why, to entice you with one more uber-special Bonus, you get a professionally-written press release from my close colleague—a news writer who has nearly a decade of experience doing this for businesses like yours. She knows everything about the precise format to use, journalistic styles, editors’ “hot buttons”… and so much more. This makes her the perfect person to write your media release. And it fits in perfectly with your “ASM Press Release” tool, which comes with the Course itself. It’s a MUST HAVE

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #11 – Sixty Customer Courtesy Calls By An Experienced Customer Service Professional

amazon customer serviceI mentioned before that to be successful with your new Amazon business, you need 5 star reviews.  Even though you’ll be learning about the automatic review secret, I can tell you right now that 100% of people won’t give you 5 stars all the time. So what’s the best way to convert the unhappy customers into VERY happy customers who love to give you 5 start reviews?

It’s very simple.  By making simple phone calls.  This technique was told by Matt & Jason at the last ASM event.  Since then many ASM members have tried it and it works every single time!

Well, my ASM bonus is here to take care of just that.  This wonderful service is done only by experienced American customer service professionals. No, it’s not done by somebody from the other side of the world that you would have to repeat the same thing to 7 times.   They’re extremely pleasant and professional.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #12 – Get Top News Visibility with CNN iReport

cnn ireportImagine, you have finally created your beautiful Amazon website and are ready to sell.  Now it’s time to do your promotion.  Matt & Jason are going to show you exactly what to do to get MASSIVE traffic from many different sources and that’s great.   What I have for you here, is nothing short of AMAZING.  I told you I have some jaw-dropping bonuses!

Have you heard of CNN before?  Of course you have.  Have you been featured on CNN?  Hmm, maybe not.

Well, my business partner has been dealing with CNN for many years and guess what?  He can put your story on CNN’s website!  He can interview you and your story will become the feature story as a written interview on CNN’s iReport!  Imagine, what kind of buzz this will create and what it does for your business!

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #11 –  Samurai Google Adwards Crash Course  Google Adwords Crash CourseWith Google Adwords, you’ll never be in the “wrong” place. You’ll always get your message delivered to the right potential customers at the right time.

Now, this special Bonus is NOT included in the usual ASM course you get from Matt and Jason. This is something VERY special that you can only get from ME. But it’s worth its weight in GOLD.

Why? Because the sooner you know how to make Adwords WORK for you, the sooner you’ll be raking in the BIG bucks!

I wish I had this when I first started out! It would have made all the difference in the world. So now YOU can benefit from my “advanced knowledge”—for FREE—because of what you’ll learn in this unique, proprietary bonus volume.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #13 - Funnel Optimization Video by Legendary Roland Frasier 

Roland FrasierMy buddy, Roland Fraiser, is probably best known as a phenomenal funnel expert, if not as the principal of Idea Incubator among internet marketers.

He’s been keeping his secret to himself all this time, until he gave his presentation last year, revealing his techniques to the public for the first time.

His secret?  It’s all about creating successful and effective funnels. He has been using this secret to dominate any market of his choosing for years.

He has done extremely well with such multi-million dollar corporations as Guthy-Renker, K-Tel Direct, Simon & Schuster, Random House, and Tony Robbins to name a few.

You will learn so much in this one-hour presentation that your brain will start to spin with new ideas and inspiration!  This amazing presentation should actually belong to Module 9 of ASM, because it gives you more information about how to scale and stabilize your business AFTER completing all ASM modules.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #14 – Perry Belcher’s Import Export Business Book (Kindle Edition)

Perry Belcher bookWhen I said that the ASM business was scalable, I truly meant it. Being able to expand or diversify your business is one of the secrets for fast wealth!

Perry Belcher reveals his bullet-proof formula for direct importing Chinese products for .27 to .32 cents on the wholesale dollar – Risk Free! If you’re thinking about getting into the import-export business this may be the most important book you’ll ever read… Why? Because the import-export business is extremely lucrative, exciting and prestigious. However, without the right information and being armed with the right tools, it’s easy to lose big in the import business. But once you know the tricks of the trade, you can make amazing profits. Many times without any risk of using other peoples’ money. That’s what makes the import-export business so attractive. When you order today, I’ll throw in this gem for you.


Whew… now that’s a lot of stuff! I truly am “crazy-out-of-my-mind” for giving you all of these for free!! However, because I’ve already helped my friend build a successful business, I know these are all resources that you need to become successful yourself.

Every single guide in my bonus package is written by experts who are already successful. Having this knowledge gives you the ability to invest in yourself.

Investing in yourself is one of the most touted pieces of advice given by successful entrepreneurs. Look, I know the price of ASM might be a little steep. However, if you were to evaluate this from a risk/reward standpoint, it’s actually well worth the money! Matt and Jason have already helped numerous students (from the first product launch) create successful businesses with 6 (and 7) figure incomes!

So in reality, you’re only risking $3,500 for the potential to make over $100,000! Compare that to getting a college education- you can pay upwards of $40,000 a year (costing a grand total of $120,000 for a degree) just so you can get the chance to interview for a job that pays $40,000 a year. And yet, everyone seems to go with this route, thinking it’s “safer”.

It’s time to take action.

Remember EVERYTHING is backed up by a 100% money back guarantee so you have absolutely NOTHING to lose by placing your order right now.

Amazing Selling Machine 30 days money back guarantee

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  • Lifetime membership to the world’s most elite community of entrepreneurs doing this business model to interact, grow, and partner with for incredibly fast and lucrative results
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